Sleeping is amazing. That is, when you manage to sleep. Personally, I’ve been dealing with insomnia for years. It’ll go through phases. I’ll have a handful of weeks of perfect sleep, in which insomnia doesn’t even cross my mind. Other times, for even a month, I’ll be waking up multiple times throughout the night, or waking up ridiculously early. It started, I believe in high school. But it may have been even sooner. I started developing anxiety in middle school, and by the time I was in high school, I had internalised it so much I hadn’t even realised it was a problem. It was my norm. Not being able to breath occasionally. Waking up in the middle of the night. Practicing avoidant behaviour to not deal with the smallest amount of hypothetical confrontation. All that jazz and more.

However, since moving to London on my own, I’ve had enough alone time to actually realise there was a problem and keep track of it. I should definitely go see my GP about it at this point, but I’ve been so used to it. I’ve learned to just deal with it whenever it happens.┬áBut insomnia can have short term and long term consequences to your health and well being, so it is indispensable to incorporate solutions into your routine. I have tried various things, such as exercise, not eating heavy meals before going to bed, or falling asleep to music. None of it has worked for me in the long run, after a night or two whatever I thought worked stops to. But I’ll keep trying. It’s important to keep trying.

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