This Tuesday was supposed to be a productive day, being that it’s a day I get to spend home until I go teach Italian in the evening. I even asked my partner, all the way from Italy, to make sure woke up by, at least, 6.30am this morning to work on essays. But as I said in yesterday’s post, sometimes it’s hard to find motivation. I lose myself for a few hours with an unnecessarily long breakfast and continue checking emails just in case anything important comes through. And now it’s 10am and I don’t even know how I got here. I’m sitting in the hallway of my flat to get good wifi connection while writing this to procrastinate some more. You know the feeling right?

This past weekend was a rollercoaster. Fun, but a rollercoaster. Had new headshots done in central, went to an “All Girls Night” slumber party with other actresses and filmed a video on mental health (should be coming out soon!) and then went all the way down to Wimbledon to help my friends at MTN Films with their new short film. But then on Sunday evening, after being betrayed multiple times by public transportation, carrying all the props and costumes I had needed for the weekend, I found myself back in this flat with a weight hovering around me. I love this life I’m living, it’s just a challenge to keep up with being here by myself. I simply need to keep at it. It will all be worth it. It will.

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