This Could Be Anyone You Know is a podcast produced by yours truly alongside Job Angus. We hope to inspire people to ask more questions, even the uncomfortable ones, and listen more to those around them. It’s all about patience, love and care. Getting to know someone you’ll never know the identity of.

Episode #0 – Intro: Asking the Uncomfortable Questions, You Are More Interesting Than You Think

Episode #1 – From Gambia to BRIT, Unlearning Homophobia, Sharing with Dad

Episode #2 – One Rule: Have Fun, Winging it into the West End, leaving THE BUBBLE

Episode #3 – Emotional as a Millennial Man, Toxic Love & Self Harm

Episode #4 – 16 & Facing London, Bad Surprises, Faith & Mental Health

Episode #5 – Being the Music Scene, Pressure & Angst, Pakistani Heritage

Episode #6 – Working Hard through Racism, Power of Politeness, Life Vocation at 65

Episode #7 – Expressing Through Showing, Vulnerability & Honesty, Learning about Love

Episode #8 – Escaping Death (again and again), Xenophobia & Education, Family Struggles

Episode #9 – Ghanian Identity, Raving & Rebelling, Rocking that PhD

Episode #10 – Just Brace Yourself for This One