Any motivational speaker will tell you that “to feel grateful” is one of the strongest tools to fight demotivation. But sometimes it can be really difficult to genuinely feel grateful. You can list all the things that are working well for you but still feel frustrated or overwhelmed. It’s ok though. It’s still an accomplishment to make that list. You can use that list as a base to lean on, even though everything else around you seems to be on the brink of crumbling. Especially in this day and age, with anxiety and depression spreading like an epidemic, any rope of positivity can hold you up just enough to keep going.

As my dad always says: “Life sucks, get a helmet”. Meaning that obstacles and difficulties will pop up and always will. That is the one certainty you can take for granted. However, you can “wear a helmet”, brace yourself. Protect yourself with anything you can so that you can manage to get through this bumpy ride of life. Because there will be moments with no bumps, you’ll get there, it will get bumpy again eventually, but while the good moments last, you’ll really appreciate it and live those moments to the fullest.

I write this for you, but as you can imagine, to myself as well. I’m living “The Dream”, living the “London Life”, studying everything I love in an amazing city: acting, sociology and psychology… And the people I have met since moving here have changed my life for the best. I’ve grown as a person, I’ve developed new skills and I have never stopped challenging myself. Most importantly, I have support, more support than I ever would think to deserve. I know all this, and acknowledge it. I am grateful. Very grateful. But there are moments that really push my inner stability, causing all of these amazing factors to be pushed into the back of my mind. That can and will happen. Let yourself live the feelings of frustration and helplessness and get it out of your system. It’s ok to feel that way. Remember to talk to someone about it and do something to get your head out of it. Treat yourself. Watch a movie, take a walk, take a nap, meet a friend, anything to distract yourself and give your mind the time to balance itself out again. Then when you got it all out, find that list, lean on that base, take a hold of that rope of positivity and try to take a first tiny step forward. It doesn’t matter how tiny.

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