There’s no better way to start the week than taking your loved one to the airport. Six days came and went like nothing. Anyone in a long distance relationship can relate. Day #1 seems to last forever, and you don’t think about how fast you’re both gonna be on your own again.

It was a fun week. We got snowed in, obviously. Which was a pity because I was supposed to give a speech on education at University of Greenwich on Friday, but it got postponed to the 25th of May. The conference was the reason Luca even came up to London. He was so excited to see me do something so “official”. He might not be able to come up to London in May, so I’ll have to make sure someone films it.

Now, with him on his way to get on a plane as I’m writing, it’s time to go back to reality. Struggling with anxiety, meeting assignment deadlines for university, attempting to pay rent and everything else.

Better things are coming though. I know it.

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