Miss Hartlep’s Lovely Humans is a children’s show dedicated to exploring emotions and developing confidence within children.



The story begins with my own: moving to Italy in the early 2000s during the migrational boom, and being surrounded by adults who didn’t know how to help me and other kids integrate. I had been fortunate enough in previous years to receive the love and care necessary to develop an intrinsic sense of self. Other fellow foreign peers of mine had not been so lucky. This lead them into developing damaged mental health, of which intensity varied from simple low self esteem issues, to multiple suicide attempts.

I wish someone had been the adult my friends needed.

Furthermore, I have been a teacher since 2012. Most of my early career was dedicated to children and teenagers. I found the same patterns repeating themselves again and again.

Kids go through a lot more than we, as adults, feel comfortable admitting.

The amount of stories and difficult questions some of my students had to offer, were a reminder of how much work there is to be done for our younger ones.

Luckily, I have been blessed with a marvellous cast and an amazing team. Together we are currently working on Miss Hartlep’s Lovely Humans. Short stories in which the characters find themselves dealing with an obstacle, accepting it and overcoming it. Throughout this process, they explore how the obstacle makes them feel and they brainstorm together on potential solutions.