Hello my lovely Humans~

Welcome to my new official website! I decided to rebrand, and go from Lilixilon to Lili Hartlep, because I’d been using Lilixilon for EVERYTHING since I was in fourth grade! It just didn’t feel like it fitted any more. Especially now that I’m older and living a new life in the UK.

If you’re new, than double welcome! I’m Lili, I’m 21 years old, and here’s a brief summary of my life so far:

I was born in the US, but my family moved to Italy when I was seven and a half, and now, since August 2016, I’ve been living in the UK. So I guess it’s up to you to decide which country you think I belong to! xD

In Italy I went to a linguistic high school and did languages, meanwhile I started teaching English in linguistic centres when I was sixteen. As most kids in high school, there was lots of drama, lots of fun, and lots of stress. A lot of my stress came from the fact that, unlike most kids, I didn’t get to choose which kind of high school to go to. Going to a linguistic high school was definitely the best choice, but it wasn’t MY choice. So I made a deal with my parents and whenever I finished high school I was going to be allowed to choose whatever I wanted.

So I took a year off and tried different things, from modelling, to co-writing songs, to teaching in public schools, to coordinating, organising and supervising a Summer Camp! In the end, I knew I needed to leave Italy, at least for a while. And I found an acting school in the UK I thought I’d audition for, because, hey why not? And surprise-surprise, I got in! Which meant moving to a new country and starting a new life! So that’s how I ended up in the UK 😀

I now have been able to redefine myself based on my own standards, and not based on the standards of everyone I grew up with. Which is a very important thing to do if you want to live an emotionally healthier life, in my opinion at least. I am currently working on various creative projects I hope to share soon with you! From clothes, to comedy shorts and much more!

So stay tuned~

Love you all! See ya!


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