Hello my Lovely Humans!

You may not know it yet, but me and my dear friend Job Angus, have been working on a podcast for months! It’s called This Could Be Anyone You Know and it’s a series of anonymous interviews about people’s life stories. All of the recordings took place in October and November 2018, but due to travelling and personal issues, the post production got postponed. We initially wanted to launch it in February 2019, but now we’re at the final stages, finally!

 We officially have an awesome logo, by Bill Schiffbauer (aka, my dad), and all that’s left is to go through all of the episodes to choose an order and the titles. Being that the interviews are anonymous, it makes the title making a bit difficult. We can’t give too much away.

For Season 1 there are 10 episodes + a short introduction to the podcast by Job and I. There are 5 female stories and 5 male stories. You won’t know anything about them except for their life stories. We try to go as deep as the interviewee feels comfortable to go. We have all sorts of stories in our podcast. As soon as it’s released you should definitely see if you can relate to anyone of our interviewees!

See ya~!

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